At our last meeting, I proposed that the Cross-party Group on Chronic Pain support chronic pain patients’ equal rights to access through the NHS, if they wish, at least the Complementary and Alternative Therapies (CAM) recommended by the SIGN guideline on chronic pain management and related findings in the GRIPS Reports. I also wished the Group updated on the implementation of the SIGN guidelines issued in Dec 2012 as my personal experience was that few GPs were aware of this or of the new chronic pain website.

This proposal was unanimously supported and those issues will be discussed as the first item at our next meeting on Tuesday, 24th Feb 2015

Are chronic pain patients who want Complementary treatments getting fair access on the NHS?  The CPG agreed to members’ requests to discuss this following claims that access was not equal, despite some CAM treatments being approved by the SIGN guidelines on Chronic Pain. We welcome advance comments and views from individuals and organisations. 

If you would like to comment on this and/or would like to attend the meeting – whether you’re a patient, carer, journalist, therapist, GP or other health professional – please get in touch with me or Dorothy Grace Elder (honorary secretary) using the contact details in

If you are a journalist with an interest in health, complementary and alternative medicine, patients rights and health equality, please get in touch with me using the form below.

The more people respond and participate in this meeting, the higher the issue of CAM availability on the NHS will be on future agendas – this is a very rare opportunity that you have to contribute and help develop a fair service with equal rights to choose unconventional therapies for all.